Spring forward on the Lone Star Trail. 21.8 Miles

We finished our shuttle Friday night about nine. We hiked in about a half a mile till we found a tiny spot under the trees we could each get our tent setup.

Saturday morning we were both up early. We headed off by headlamp at 6am. We headed over to the San Jacinto river where we met a couple thru hikers trying to cross as well. We found a fallen tree, and I went across first. As I walked the log a few feet above the water, I came to a part with no bark and it was slick. I quickly straddled the log. Kenny thought I was going in. Once I got back on the bark I walked on across. Kenny was smarter and shimmied his way all the way over. The guys from the Yukon and Wisconsin waded.

Kenny and I headed on to Double Lake campground and stopped in for the restroom and water. The thru hikers caught up and we visited a bit before heading into the honeycomb of trails full of dayhikers. For about 5 miles we saw lots of people. We had 10 miles for the day by 1030 and stopped for a snack. The next few miles were very muddy and hadn’t drained well since the hurricane last summer. Nothing like the last time I was through this section.

At about mm85 on the trail we came to a sign saying there is a scheduled burn out here tomorrow.

At 19 miles for the day we stopped for a snack at about 3:30.

About 445 we cross out of the burn area and setup camp a couple hundred feet the other side of a pipeline. 21.8 miles for the day. We setup tents and for inside to avoid the mosquitos. A grand day.

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