Over half and all the way. 23.6 miles on the Lone Star Trail. 

We started off shortly before 630 this morning from I45 near Huntsville. We had a couple mile road walk to get under 45 and over back into the woods. We hiked through the woods a few miles seeing little snakes in the trail. Before long it was back to another several mile road walk. 

We had our first 10 miles before 10am and shortly afterwards came to our early lunch spot. Lone star lot 8. 

After a little rest we headed our down the trail and hit the midway point for the shortest path through the whole trail. Mile marker 48. 

We came across another couple walking quickly in the opposite direction and they said they had seen us near Huntsville on the road. “You guys are hiking fast” they commented as they blew by in the other direction. 

We stopped to filter water and took a moderate amount. Hoping to find more before dark. It’s 94 out today. Degrees and humidity. We burn through water. 

We moved on through the forest and past mm51 and came to a forest road walking section of around 2.5 miles. This sapped the water we had just filtered. And the sun was sapping the energy. So we took a short break, knowing the trail back into the forest was soon.. and our goal for the day wasn’t far beyond that. But we didn’t expect to find water near where we wanted to camp.. so we hoped to top up. 

As we were about to walk back into the forest we found a tiny puddle to filter. Yes. We were thankful for that. 

A couple hundred feet up.. I reached the point where I’ve hiked in the other direction before. So as of today I’ve completed the entire trail. But we have a good three days of hiking for Kenny to complete the trail. And I’m working on my second time. 

We hiked a little over half a mile into the woods and set up camp. 23.68 miles total.. 20 trail miles today. (The trail gets rerouted and grows over time , but the mile markers stay the same)

Dinner is next. More to come tomorrow. 

Chris “Flood” Feese and Kenny. 

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