Ouachita 2019 Day Two

16 trail miles. Just under 19 miles hiked.

Thunder announced the storm about 2am. I was up about 5 with a headache and made some coffee. Everyone else woke up about 715 and we packed up and had breakfast. We got on the trail about 830.. and started the slow journey over the rocks for the next 7.5 miles. It was slow going over the boulder fields and “rock glaciers”. About 2pm we made it to the shelter at the top of the hill and Sharon came to pick up Kenny for the evening. She brought us water and Gatorade which was great.

Shane and I had 8.5 miles to go to get to the shelter. About 5pm we saw the vulture waiting on a tree for us. At 6 we got to winding stair campground and fueled up with snacks for the trip up the hill. It was a slow trek for the 1.3 miles up the hill to the shelter. We felt blessed that we only got a few drips as we walked through the fog into the shelter about 7:00pm.

We cooked up dinner and crawled onto sleeping bags. Thankful for a little shelter from the wind.


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