Ouachita 2019 Day Three

9 miles.

Winding Stair shelter to Pashubbe shelter

The wind was heavy in the night. We almost couldn’t hear anything over the wind. Except for a fat rodent that chewed on Shane’s socks. I kept hearing him and put a few wrappers under a rock on the ground and he left the rest of our stuff alone. The weather alert was going off on Shane’s phone around 345 am. When Shane woke up about 630 we decided to wait out the worst of the thunderstorm. We agreed on leaving at 11am no matter the weather. When the time came it was a slow rain and fog. We took off down the trail for Big Cedar. About a mile from the bottom we stopped to filter water where we have filtered before and when we came to Big Cedar it was flowing real heavy. I crossed with my xero sandals and Shane headed in as soon as I got across. I should have tossed him my sandals. By the time he got over his bare feet were hurting.

We headed up the next hill about 215 and had to side step the streams that were flowing down the trail.

We stopped about a mile before the shelter and topped up on water. That mile seemed like three to Shane who hadn’t eaten snacks on the way up.

We got into the shelter about 430 and setup our laundry mat. I ran some line out and we hung out wet stuff out to dry.

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