Ouachita 2019 Day Four

12.5 miles

Pashubbe shelter to State Line Shelter.

In the middle of what had been a clear night full of stars.. the heavens opened up and it rained so hard we could barely yell back and forth across the shelter. We got back to sleep and I woke up around 5. I hear this crunching in the gravel on the edge of the shelter or just outside. But Shane is laying in his sleeping bag. Later he told me he heard the same thing and thought it was me till he saw I was in my sleeping bag. It sounded big. Who knows what it was. Sasquatch? Bear? Giant beaver?

We got going about 8am and before very long we were going uphill. We climbed and climbed into the sun. A bird popped off the ground and surprised Shane just after I snapped a picture of him going down the trail.

We cruised down the other side of the hill to the kiamachi River. This started our two and a half miles of constant river crossings back and forth. I put on my xero sandals and Shane stomped through in his asolo boots. Even when it was knee high water. Only a couple crossings from the end I spotted three people who I’d seen on the Ouachita Facebook group. A couple days ago they were posting pictures of them in the lodge when we were out in the weather. We had a good little visit and headed on up the hill after I got my nice dry shoes back on. I teased Shane going uphill that if I ran out of water I could always empty his boot. What sound does Sasquatch make? Squish Squish. We had good visits on life and where it takes us as we climbed the 3 miles of hill. When we got to the State Line shelter about 430 Kenny and Sharon were waiting for us with water and snacks (it’s near skyline drive on the top of he mountain) we visited a while before they headed on and then commenced to setting up camp. It could be freezing or below tonight.

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