Osprey Levity 60L First Impressions.

I am out on my first trip with Osprey’s Levity. 21 miles today, and I got it all adjusted and comfortable. For the past few years I have been carrying an Exos 38. I also had a 58, but almost never used it. I intended to get the Levity 45… but the weight difference in a medium is 1.6 ounces. Roughly 1/10th of an ounce per extra liter. So I got the 60.

“But, it doesn’t have waistbelt pockets!” You will say. No, it doesn’t. And I liked those on my Exos. But the weight savings is worth it. 25 percent reduction over the Exos. My Levity comes in at 1.9lbs.

I like the solid material rear pockets vs he mesh of the Exos. I have a feeling those are going to hold up longer.

It looks to me that a Z fold sleeping pad could fit nicely just over the Levity logo with a bit of cord. I’ll have to try that at home when I am not using my inflatable.

I started this trip with 11lbs + food and water. I loaded up on water for a dry damp tonight and put the pack in the mid 20’s to see how it would carry and it purrs along comfortably.

I like it. I think the 45 liter is probably the Goldilocks. But I’m not sorry I got the 60. It cinches up well with a nice latch system.

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