Easy Like Sunday Morning

I woke up on my own as the light got good. I hopped up and packed up quickly. Left at 6:30 from the LSHT parking lot 9 and headed to where I had parked my Samurai at an intersection of forest roads 9 miles away to the west. 

Dehydrated squash from garden. 

Clean trail runners. 
The feet were sore from the road walk and I was in no hurry. I had switched to my new balance trail runners, that dry faster. Knowing I had so few miles to go, I wandered along looking at wildlife. After a couple miles I came across a stretch of trail that was not maintained at all.. the weeds and trees grew in to the point I couldn’t see blazes and had to wander in and guess. Luckily I was able to spot blazes from time to time and made my way along. 

Dirty trail runners after 9 miles 

A hanging pine cone

A hungry spider. 

A sandy creek crossing. 

I made it back to the Samurai about 10 and headed back to pick up the Tahoe in a happy mood.. cruising along with my arm out the window. 

After picking up the Tahoe.. I had to run to Huntsville and pickup Texas style post hiking food. 

A great weekend of hiking has me in a good mood and I can’t wait to come back and hike on the LSHT in a couple weeks with my dad. 

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