Eagle Rock Day One ~7 miles

We left Rockwall about 6:45 and headed up towards Arkansas. We got to the Albert Pike recreation area about 11 and by 1140 we were on the trail. I crossed a tree for the first stream crossing, but Shane broke a pole trying to cross in his sandals.

We had three more major crossing we needed sandals for. During one I stripped down to my boxers the water was so high.

We crossed tons of creeks and right before we started going up hill Phillip and another Huguley guy hiked by. Small world. We hiked over the first of the big hills and made camp near the creek about 430. A couple of guys are camped within view here too. A few more people passed through but we had taken up most of the flat areas. I had a good visit with a guy filtering water who had hiked the ozark highland trail. That’s on my agenda.

We had dinner and visited before I crawled into my tent to relax.


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