Dipping a toe into the NETT

I get a message from work saying I need to go to Greenville. Which isn’t far from farmersville.. where the Northeast Texas Trail starts. This trail will be 130+ miles when finished. It’s a rails to trails conversion. Many of the towns along the route are stepping up to the plate and making the effort to attract trail tourism. Farmersville is one of those towns. I finished up my work in Greenville and headed back west to Farmersville for what I do every day at lunch… hike or bike. I had the folding bike with me.. so I parked at the westernmost trailhead.. and headed east. The trail was paved or concrete the first couple miles.. then crushed rock. I road out about 3.6 miles and turned around to come back. A nice little ride on a 100 degree Texas day. The overall trail is still under construction. So a combination of biking and hiking over the next few months might be my best option. The NETT is popular with bike riders so far… I’m hoping to generate interest in hiking and push for better camping options. 

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