Day 8 on the Colorado Trail/CDT

4 miles

I woke up at my usual time. Which means 4am Colorado time. I had packed up and eaten breakfast by the time the other guys were stirring. We got on the trail about 7 am with 4 miles to the zuki. It was great trail and wonderful hiking. 103 miles in 7 days 1 hour. We were thankful to get back to a running vehicle and we shuttled Scott and Rick to Monarch pass and came back to Poker Alice in Lake City for pizza before we go pick up the truck and go to Silverton to spend tomorrow off-roading with our new friends Scott and Rick. As I pulled the zuki up to Spring Creek pass we see “Hot Lunch” a guy we have seen a couple times, hitching for a ride. I told him that as soon as we hooked up the vehicles we would give him a ride back to Lake City. It was cold and rainy so it was great timing for him and not out of the way for us. We dropped him off at second street and headed for Silverton.

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