Day 6 on the Colorado Trail/CDT

17.4 trail miles

We got a good start at 6:15. I decided not to climb San Luis Peak when it started raining overnight. A slick exposed face by myself no longer appealed to me. So we headed up the trail. We saw a couple northbound hikers Rick and Scott that came through our camp last night and camped a quarter mile beyond. We passed them as they were packing up. At 730 we crossed paths with a southbound hiker hoping not too many people were in front of him headed to lake city because he wanted a place in the hostel.

We reached the pass at 8am and paused for a snack. It was mostly downhill for a good part of the day ahead. Just over the pass we find Emily and Laura we met on day one. Sitting outside their tent sipping coffee. I plopped down and we visited a bit and took a group selfie.

We headed on down the hill and Rick and Scott caught up with us. Rick from Michigan. And Scott from Texas. For the next 5 miles or so we all walked together and visited and talked about our lives, our hikes and our gear. Kenny and I stopped for water and they continued on. We overtook them at lunch and they caught up and we visited all afternoon towards camp. We set up camp on the hail and rain but it stopped shortly afterwards and we all visited around dinner.

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