Day 3 on the Colorado Trail/CDT 15+ trail miles

I went down 0.6 round trip first thing to restock our water. Then left out of camp about 645. About 4.5 miles in we started a huge climb. 860 feet in 1.3 miles. On our way up we met a young couple going southbound. He looked ready to do their intended 20 miles for the day. She did not. Further up the hole we met a grey neared solo hiker going southbound.

After creating the hill and finding water Ken hiked on ahead while used a weak cell signal. I caught him again in the valley and we ate lunch about noon. The sky started to cloud up and we crossed paths with thru hiker Ian about 1:00. It sleeted/hailed/rained briefly after that. We come around the corner at marshal pass and interrupt a four wheel driver crouching down behind a bush. Once it was safe we moved on though. She looked at her phone as we went by and didn’t say anything. We stopped at the pit toilet a quarter mile down the trail. But I guess when you gotta go you gotta go.

A mile up the trail we filtered out water from a cold pipe spring and took a sponge bath a couple pools below. The next little bit we saw lots of dirt bikes.

Around 430 we stopped at the only shelter on the CT. We exchanged water info with a southbound hiker camping there for the night. And we headed on. It started to rain. We were at 11,500 and I knew we were headed to just under 12k and I didn’t want I be exposed in the open so we stopped to setup tents. As soon as we crawl inside the hail came down. Leaving a blanket of pea sized hail everywhere.

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