Day 1 section hiking the Colorado Trail/CDT.

We left Texas on Friday evening and headed out for Colorado. Neither one of was very tired so one would sleep in the back while the other drove. This put us at Monarch pass before sunrise. We jumped in our second (towed) vehicle and headed to our first start point. We even got a little backcountry four wheel drive trails in on the way.

We got to highway 114 roughly 50 hiking miles from the other vehicle and get ready to go. Three people showed up and prepared to hike the other direction. We may run into them on the next leg.

We headed up the trail about 7:45am. We hiked along for a couple miles without incident before we missed our take off from a forest service road. By the time we hiked back we had wasted a mile and a half or better.

I am having the time of my life out here. It’s fantastic and the trail stays above 10,000 feet most of the time out here since it’s going along the continental divide in these sections. But this means water is little and far between. We asked a couple of southbound hikers if they had seen water at a certain creek and got mixed answers. We pressed on, needing water before nighttime. After 14 miles hiked… we got to Razor Creek and several other hikers had the same ideas we did. We filtered water with a couple nice young ladies from SC who have been out here a month today and gotten almost 300 miles of the trail so far. They press on for next 190 or so. Because of the direction we hike the next section after our shuttle we may run into them again. I was encouraging them to do a trail journal. It sounds like they are having a great adventure.

After filtering water we climbed the hill to the edge of the meadow and set up our tents. As far as other hikers, one tent is down way too close to the stream and other one is just being setup further on down the hill by a young couple.

As I finished up my dinner.. a little rain started falling and I crawled in my tent. I was asleep before I knew it.

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