Colorado Trail Collegiate Loop 2019 Day Two

~11 miles

I got started about 645 this morning and headed uphill. It was slow going, I averaged just over a mile and hour till I hit the pass at 11,600. Shortly before the top I saw what looked like a moose, and a little time later a huge buck elk. I laid out the solar panel and had lunch. I had a couple miles downhill. I filtered water, and I must have been confused when I packed my pack, because I’m pretty sure I lost my usb battery pack there. I didn’t discover it till I was most of the way up another pass at 11,800. Oh well, I wasn’t going to go back for it. I can survive with the solar panel till I get to one of my food caches where I have another battery. I grabbed water on the far side of the second pass and cruised for several miles to Frenchman creek. I grabbed some water and hiked just up the hill to camp right at 11,000 feet. Someone had built a fire ring here. I set out the solar panel for some lingering light and setup the tent. I made a fire as I cooked dinner and really relaxed. I washed my feet and stuck them up on the fire warmed rocks. Ah…

My dad messaged my sat communicator from his and said they care camped about 13.5 miles further down the trail. That’s my goal for tomorrow… a 12k pass stands in the way between me and a home cooked meal. Seeing as my parents live out of their camper we will call it home for a night.

As I type this I saw a headlamp flash on my tent. Two people were still out hiking after dark. We called salutations through the tent and they passed on by.

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