Colorado Trail Collegiate Loop 2019 Day Three

13.5 miles

It felt colder than it was at 11,000 feet. My thermometer said 42 as I had breakfast. I hit the trail at 6:12 and had to gain a couple hundred feet before one long cruise mostly downhill for the morning. A lot of the trail was well maintained and I could step out. I hit silver creek trailhead about 930 and setup beside the stream creek to charge devices and eat a big meal before the day’s climb. I had tuna in sunflower oil and tortillas and peanut butter with tortillas, Thai lime almonds, and some electrolyte mix.

The climb was a beast. The average was 20 percent grade.. but if I ever got a flat spot.. I made to make up with a 40 percent. I finally made the top at just under 12k at 2:20. As I neared the top I saw a sign prohibiting hang gliding. It felt appropriate.

I had messaged my dad that I would be down to avalanche trailhead by 430.. so I hustled on down the 3.4 miles to the bottom, even though it was a rough enough and steep enough trail it was hard to step out. I ran out of water on the way down and didn’t stop for more. I got to the trailhead about 415 and my dad was waiting for me. He had read my post and had me a battery pack ready. Thanks Kenny. We ran back to his camp a couple miles away and I grabbed a shower. I visited with my mom and but and then I took my dad up to cottonwood pass for a little drive just to enjoy the views. When we got back my mother had a feast of a hearty salad, potatoes and hamburgers. It was fantastic. My dad loaned me his day pack, and I loaded it up with enough water and snacks to slack pack for a day. I’m going to have him drop me off at avalanche and do about 13.6 miles across to mount Princeton hot springs, where he can pick me up again tonight and we can all spend one more night together before I head on. Slack packing is almost as good as a day off!

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