Colorado Trail Collegiate Loop 2019 Day Ten

12 miles.

The guys dropped me off at cottonwood pass and I headed north for my last few days on the trail. It was mostly downhill the first half of the day but I was slow. I crossed Texas Creek and if it had been any higher I would have needed to remove shoes. I was tired enough I laid down for 30 minutes before moving on. Before starting my trek uphill I ate some lunch and then started crawling uphill. I listened to an audiobook most of the afternoon and just crunched away. I reached the point where I’ve hiked to last year and decided to make camp since it’s a good place with a stream. I’m a couple miles from the base of the climb to Lake Ann pass so hopefully I’ll be warmed up for it in the morning.

I setup my tent and cooked dinner. Said hi to an older couple who said they were going to camp just beyond me. I’ll probably see them on the pass tomorrow.

Right as I was finishing dinner, Gale, the northbounder I met yesterday joined me in camp and setup her tent. She’s a hiking guide from Hawaii that comes to the continent and get a few hikes in for herself.

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