Colorado Trail Collegiate Loop 2019 Day Nine

16 miles

Mike and Terri dropped me off at Cottonwood pass about 745 and I headed uphill. I did 5 or so 12,700+ passes today. It was God’s country. The most beautiful scenery I’ve seen in North America. I stopped every 2 hours for food. I pushed hard to try and get to the other trailhead by 5. I only ran into one other soul hiking today. She was a northbounder. I may run into her again tomorrow when I go the other way from cottonwood. I was listening to old country songs to pace myself today. Uphill was “You never even call me by my name” downhill was “Family Tradition”. One slow uphill was “Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain”

Pictures or stories do not do today justice. I walked up to the trailhead right as the truck pulled up. I asked some hikers at the trailhead if they needed anything before we took off.

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