Colorado Trail Collegiate Loop 2019 Day Four

16.1 miles

I peeled potatoes at breakfast and we had another feast before I hit the trail at 8:12. I had the daypack on so walking was easy. The grade was pretty gentle to 10,000 feet then I had a long afternoon of mostly downhill. I stopped for lunch shortly before noon and called my work buddy Charles back in Texas to rub in the good fun I am having. About 1pm I hit a Jeep road and started my road walking section. It was downhill and my load was light so I rocketed on down to MT Princeton hotsprings. I FaceTimed the kids when I saw a huge water slide there. I popped into the store for a Gatorade and a potty and headed on down the road. I made a short wrong turn but grabbed a picture of a deer before heading down the right dirt road all the way to Chalk Creek trailhead. I felt good today.. on that runners high where I could go and go. But this is my pickup point, it’s 330 and pouring down rain. I’m taking shelter under a forest service sign and figure my mom and dad should be here in an hour or so.

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