Colorado Trail Collegiate Loop 2019 Day Eight

16 miles

My dad and Mike took the rough road towards tin cup pass and we saw a moose before they dropped me off on the CDT about 9 am. I headed uphill and did okay for the first hour. Then I wasn’t feeling so great. It took me a couple hours of slow waking to be okay.

I enjoyed a 3 mile old railroad bed walk with some neat historical signs. On the way down I was singing the Pathfinder song as it was the perfect pace. A met a few couples out for the day. Then I turned uphill again on some very rough Jeep trails. I pushed down food down and finally made some decent time. I got up by Hancock lake and saw a hiker way up on the pass. Soon I was up there. On my way down I saw two ptarmigan waking along the trail with me.

I stopped about 4pm and fueled up with calories for the last couple of hours. I had said I would be to the trailhead at 6pm. I showed up at 5:37 and they guys showed up at 5:42.

Looks like I’ll slackpack in reverse again tomorrow, starting at cottonwood and going back towards tin cup.

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