5.7 miles on a soaking wet Ouachita trail.

Morning coffee was interrupted by a bear this morning. I had to shoe it off.

It started raining so we decided to go into Mena and get groceries. On the way back on the spur of the moment I had Jenn drop me off on highway 270 a few miles from the campground. It was still lightly raining and within a few hundred yards on the not maintained trail I was soaked. The first couple miles were tough uphill. Then the rocks and chest high brush and sticker bushes started. I stumbled my way through wishing I had my trekking poles. As I got back within the park boundaries a family hiking a loop trail were talking about a USGS mile marker where the Ouachita runs on the loop. “That’s a lie.. there’s no trail that long.” “Yes there is.. you are on a part of it, and I’ve hiked it”.

As I got back to camp I could hear my kids hiking around on the other side of the old steam train. I waved from far off and came back to the camper for a shower and some lunch.

The trail once you get into the park :

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