Saturday on the Eagle Rock Loop 8 miles.

There was no hurry to get started this morning with only a few miles to go. We sat around after breakfast and visited. We got on the trail shortly before 8.

Hiking was easy and we reached the next little climb around 1030. We headed near the top and grabbed a picture or two all together.

We got back to the car at about 1145 and waved our goodbyes to Chris and Megan and they were eating lunch. We loaded up and headed back towards Texas.

After lunch we are cruising down the road when who do I see in my mirror? Chris and Megan. We stop for gas, who do we see? Chris and Megan. Way to keep running into friends.

We dropped Scott off in Rockwall and headed home into the sunset.

Black Friday on the Eagle Rock Loop. 14 miles.

I restarted the fire about 5am. I packed up and ate breakfast as the other guys got ready. We got on the trail at 7am right as Chris and Megan were packed up and eating their breakfast. For the next couple hours we passed people in their camps. We met an energetic dog and his owner, and a few other people on the trail before we stopped for a snack at the top of a large ridge about 945. Chris shortly showed up dressed in his bright orange and looking so perky vs last night that Scott didn’t even recognize him.

We stopped for lunch at 1215 at around 9 miles, after we got through the ridges. Chris and Megan joined us, as did two other families. I filtered water and we headed on.

We played a game of various groups of people overtaking each other until we passed everyone around Little Missouri Falls. A quarter mile down the trail we came to a great campsite. When I got my tent setup Chris and Megan showed up to join us. We scrounged for wood and they brought a lot of driftwood up from the river. We got the fire started and we sat around visiting under a partial moon and a clear sky.

Thanksgiving on the Eagle Rock Loop 7 miles.

Ken came over and we left the house about 5:45 am. We swung through Rockwall and picked up Scott before headed up to Arkansas. Almost nothing was open on Thanksgiving Day, but we found some snacks at a convenience store right before we got to the Albert Pike Recreation Area.

We got on the Eagle Rock Loop around 1145. It was sunny and about 51 degrees when we took off. We started hiking clockwise and after a couple miles we had to cross the Little Missouri River. It was nice and chilly on the feet. I put my shoes back on and the next time we had to cross I was able to rock hop without going in over my shoes.

Around 330 we stopped and grabbed water at a good stream crossing and around 4 we found a good campsite just before we head up hill. We set up, fire going, and Megan and Chris joined us, A couple hikers who came in behind us.

I busted out the turkey summer sausage since it was thanksgiving. And Scott busted out Oreos for dessert. As it started to get dark a couple Cajuns Dwayne and Nick came by and camped a few hundred feet away. They came over to visit and while by the fire before going back to their own fire.