Georgetown 11

We had a wonderful night for camping with a slight breeze. We took our time getting ready this morning and were on the trail at 7. We hiked for about 5 miles before taking a good snack break. While walking through a park along the lake we found tap water and got to refill bottles and make Gatorade. We headed on and as soon as we got near the dam.. with a couple miles to go to the car.. the sky opened up and it poured. We marched on across the dam and back to the car for 11 miles today. We changed clothes,  and now we are headed to town to find food. 

Lake Georgetown 13.3

We drive down to lake Georgetown this morning to hike the Goodwater Loop. Got started at 11am and cruised down the trail slowly. It was overcast and barely dripping rain at first. I enjoyed this, considering yesterday was 100 degrees. We hiked in about 4 miles and ate lunch at a nice sitting spot. The sky was starting clear by the time we took out next break around 7 or 8 miles. A dayhiker with trail running gear went past us shortly before we stopped, but we knew a shortcut around one dry cove on the lake.. so he ended up passing us again as we took our break. We got back on the trail and crossed the lake/river at Box crossing at around 10 miles. I judged I had enough water to make it to camp. I had frozen my bottles and added ice to my hydration bladder before I left the house this morning. With the sun out.. the cold water felt nice. 

As we started hiking again Kenny says “stop”. A good size (non poisonous) snake slithered off and we marched to some shade and took a cold drink break. We mosied on into camp around 6pm.. an easy 13 mile day. We set up tents and filtered water. Now I’m eating snacks as I wait for my food to hydrate. 

Dipping a toe into the NETT

I get a message from work saying I need to go to Greenville. Which isn’t far from farmersville.. where the Northeast Texas Trail starts. This trail will be 130+ miles when finished. It’s a rails to trails conversion. Many of the towns along the route are stepping up to the plate and making the effort to attract trail tourism. Farmersville is one of those towns. I finished up my work in Greenville and headed back west to Farmersville for what I do every day at lunch… hike or bike. I had the folding bike with me.. so I parked at the westernmost trailhead.. and headed east. The trail was paved or concrete the first couple miles.. then crushed rock. I road out about 3.6 miles and turned around to come back. A nice little ride on a 100 degree Texas day. The overall trail is still under construction. So a combination of biking and hiking over the next few months might be my best option. The NETT is popular with bike riders so far… I’m hoping to generate interest in hiking and push for better camping options.