10 miles on a Sunday.

I slept last night in just my mesh house. It was relaxing looking up at the stars through the trees. I got up before the sun for breakfast and found a spider my my lines on the tree as I reached up to untie them. We got on the trail by 630. We moved along slowly knowing we had less than 10 trail miles to the truck. This section has very little water chances, but we saw a few puddles. Not the sort of section you want to hike later in the summer. As we got less than 4 miles from the car is started raining. But off in the direction we were hiking we could see the sun. The rain falling through the trees was pretty.. but soon the humidity and wet grass was broiling us. The rain stopped and We got to the truck around 1030 and did a little camp showering with water we had. We drove over to pick up the other vehicle and into Huntsville to get lunch. One veggie pizza later I was a happy man. I sipped on liquids all the way back home to the kids. I’m now unpacking the pack and enjoying my rockstar welcome from the kids. 


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